What are nematodes good for?

These feed on bacteria, fungi, protozoans and even other nematodes, and play a very important role in nutrient cycling and release of nutrients for plant growth. Other nematodes attack insects, and help to control insect pests. … A spadeful of soil can contain more than a million nematodes!

Are beneficial nematodes harmful to humans?

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented worms that attack soil-dwelling insects without harming plants. … We have had customers ask if beneficial nematodes are harmful to humans, pets and earthworms and the answer to that is: “NO!”

What temperature is best for nematodes?

Optimum Temperatures to Apply Beneficial Nematodes: Air Temperature: Apply beneficial nematodes when night time temperatures are no lower than 40° F. Soil Temperature: (2″ below surface) No lower than 42° F and no higher than 90° F. The air temperature guide above is a good rule for estimating soil temperature.

Nematode Grub Treatment

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